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Fatboy Slim shares previously unreleased track under Yum Yum Head Food alias: Listen

‘The Voice of Experience’ appears on his forthcoming ‘Back To Mine’ mix album

Fatboy Slim has shared a previously unreleased track, 'The Voice of Experience', via his Yum Yum Head Food alias.

The chilled out ambient track will feature on the legendary UK DJ AKA Norman Cook's forthcoming contribution to much-loved mix allbum series 'Back To Mine', which is set for release on November 6th. You can check it out below. 

Posting on Twitter, he said, "Yum Yum Head Food was an album I made just to play for my friends when we all went back to mine. This track has never been released before, you could say this track was therefore purposefully built for this Back To Mine album." 

Largely focusing on funk and soul, Cook's 'Back To Mine' mix features many rare finds, opens with Dave Barker & Ansell Collins' 'Monkey Spanner', and includes 1975 classic 'Take Yo Praise' by Camille Yarborough, which Cook sampled on his 1998 single 'Praise You'.]