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Fatboy Slim will “probably not” release an album ever again

No more new albums from Norman?

Fatboy Slim has said he may never release music again.

In a recent interview with NME the legendary DJ/Producer, real name Norman Cook, was asked if there would ever be another Fatboy Slim album. “Probably not” he said, “If I ever got around to making another Fatboy Slim album it’ll probably be in a time when albums are completely redundant as a format. So, I will probably end up making more music and regain my love for producing and being an artist but it probably won’t be an album.”

Cook also discussed Ibiza - The Silent Movie, a film which will debut at Glastonbury followed by a live silent disco, as well as his performance at Artist Banksy's Dismaland installation in 2015.

Fatboy Slim recently curated a Smiley exhibition at Lisbon's Underdogs Gallery.