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FD brings lush liquid vibes to the DJ Mag Weekly Podcast

The SUNANDBASS don goes in...

FD celebrates his debut solo EP for SUNANDBASS Recordings with a blend of bewitching liquid and tough, rolling drum & bass for our DJ Mag Weekly Podcast series.

A key force behind the scenes — co-running Sardinia's SUNANDBASS festival, a key event in the d&b calendar, for over a decade — along with being a DJ and producer in his own right, FD has previously dropped via the likes of Dispatch, Warm Communications and Spearhead Records.

His latest effort, the three-track 'Serious' EP, marks the Londoner's first solo record for the revamped SUNANDBASS Recordings imprint, however, offering two smooth original cuts made for the summer months, plus a remix from the one and only Calibre. Pick up a copy via the label store.

While spring has only just set in here in the UK (and even then, somebody's clearly forgotten to tell the weather), FD's podcast has us ready for festival season already. Effortlessly grooving, with a distinctly positive vibe (even in its more melancholic moments), the mix features tracks from LSB, Calibre, Lenzman, dBridge, Bladerunner and more, plus a good helping from FD himself.

First dance music song you loved?
'Belfast' by Orbital — saw it on BBC2 Glastonbury coverage — blew my mind!

First club you went to?
Leisure Rooms in Tottenham for Raindance!

First label you loved?

First piece of tech you bought?
Gemini XL400 belt drives and a Vestax PMC005 mixer

First DJ you worshipped?
DJ Caz — an friend at uni who played old school hardcore, and was the most incredible scratch DJ, and only mixed using the pitch fader — blew my mind!

First club you played in?
University of Surry SU

First wax you bought?
Jonny L 'Magnetic' LP, Ed Rush & Optical 'Wormhole' LP, 'Ram Trilogy Part 3' EP, all in one go

First band you saw?
Guns N' Roses, Soundgarden and Faith No More at Wembley, 1989

First apartment you lived in?
In Guildford, whilst at uni

First vinyl shop you loved?

First car you owned?
Never had one!

First London club you loved?
Plastic People

First album you played ten times over?
So many, but probably a metal one, Guns N' Roses 'Appetite for Destruction' maybe?

First time you went to Ibiza? 
Still waiting!


Die & Suv 'War & Peace' [V Recordings]
FD 'Serious' [SUNANDBASS Recordings]
LSB 'Capture My Heart' [Soul:R]
Broke ‘n’ English 'Tryin’ (Calibre Remix)' [Fat City]
Anile 'Velvet Glove' [Med School]
Total Science, Digital & Spirit 'Fall Down' [CIA vs Phantom Audio]
FD 'The Edges' [SUNANDBASS Recordings]
Dr S Gachet 'Remember The Roller (Bladerunner Remix)' [Audiomaze]
LSB 'Hideaway' [Soul:R]
Ulterior Motive 'Stay feat. James Sunderland (Lenzman Remix)' [Metalheadz]
FD 'Ambra (Calibre Remix)' [SUNANDBASS Recordings]
Special Forces 'Miracle' [Photek Productions]
Ivy Lab x Alix Perez 'Maiden' [Critical Music]
Martyn 'Nxt 2 U' [Play Musik]
dBridge 'Kismet' [Shogun Audio]
Alix Perez 'Numbers feat. Benabu' [1985 Music]
Calibre 'Luminous' [Soul:R]
FD 'Get It Right feat. Soukie' [Hospital Records]
Calibre 'The Wash' [Signature]