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Cynic Music boss digs up some vocal gems!

Felix Dickinson's new tune is sensational. Out on Futureboogie this month, it's been on heavy rotation in the DJ Mag office over the last few weeks, thanks to its infectious house hook and sparkling production. On the brink of his new release (you can stream a clip from the EP below), we sat down with Felix to chat is top six vocal Chicago house tracks of all time. 

'A Day's Reality' by Felix Dickinson ft. Robert Owens is out via Futureboogie on 11th December. 

Felix Dickinson's Top 5 Chicago Vocal Tracks

Fingers Inc. 'I'm Strong' 

"Impossible for me to do one of these charts without a few tracks from Robert Owens and Larry Heard, but I'm gonna try and limit it to just one entry this time from these guys. 

"Not sure when I first heard this or any of the below (my memory's pretty shot to be fair), but I still love this, stripped to the bare necessities, wicked percussion from Larry, and sweet vocals from Robert. It doesn't get much better than this as far as I'm concerned."

Master C&J 'In The City'

"There's a few master C&J tracks I love, but this one stands out with the weird, devil-sounding vocals — tough, beautiful, and more than a bit trippy. Love it!"

Bigger Than Life 'World Of Make Believe'

"This one's a bit of a secret weapon for me, I thought I should maybe put in at least one track that people might not have heard before. Same winning formula, great song, tough baseline, plenty of trippy noises."

Da Posse 'Searchin' Hard'

"Another of my favourite Chicago groups here, I love loads of Da Posse's releases, but this one with Mike Dunn on the mix is up there. Acid, sweet pianos, and a great song from Martell."

Fast Eddie 'Acid Thunder'

"Fast Eddie, Peter Black and Joe Smooth on this one. No messing about, great infectious acid line, sweet vocals from an unknown source."

K Alexi 'All For Lisa'

"I know this is on Transmat, but K Alexi's as Chicago as it comes, so I reckon we can include this in this chart. Also I know it's a bit more spoken word than a song, but still pretty emotive with Kay's sultry whispered poetry. Gutted that this has such a shit pressing, would be lovely to find one without all those crackles in it."