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Technics SP10MK3 Ferrari Corsa Red Micro Suede can be yours for $38,895

With a shipping tag of $695…

Technics SP10MK3 Ferrari Corsa Red Micro Suede is officially on the market via Audiogon for a whopping $38,895, with shipping in the USA for $695.

The pricey turntable was originally created by Technics Matsushita Japan in the early ‘80s, but this model has been hand-crafted and finished by Artisan Fidelity.

The listing states: “The evolution of Artisan Fidelity's continuing and ongoing designs using optimized conventional and direct coupled based turntable models based on the Technics SP10MK3 drive platform over past years has lead us to this final NGS iteration, a no expenses spared flagship design, engineered and crafted from the ground up with absolutely zero compromise.  Indeed, the playback capabilities of the Technics SP10MK3 NGS platform easily exceed and surpass both conventional plinth type designs and direct coupled designs”.

Watch the video of the making of the Technics SP10MK3 below.