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The campaign continues to save London’s iconic dance club...

Last night (Tuesday 6th September) the Islington Council licensing sub-committee revoked Fabric’s licence. The dance music community, receiving the news online, was up in arms. 

Afterwards, as tearful Fabric staff stood around the steps of the town hall, Alan Miller of the Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) pledged that the #SaveFabric campaign must continue.

“We’re going to fight this, it’s an absolute travesty,” Alan Miller said. “Fabric upholds a gold standard of professionalism in their operations, and what has happened tonight is a demonstration of knee-jerk reactions to close down our businesses and cultural centres. Licensed premises are being held accountable for issues that exist in society. Everything that has happened in Britain in the last 25 years to improve our culture, our economy and our society - tonight it’s been absolutely dispensed with.”

Talking to DJ Mag outside the hearing, Miller told of the intention now to set up a Fighting Fund to continue the campaign. “I’m going to call on everyone in Britain to contribute so that we can challenge this together,” he said. “My vote would be that we take this to appeal and also change Home Office language. This is not the end. We can go to Magistrates Court, we’ve got all sorts of options now, and it’s incumbent on everyone in Britain to put their hands in their pockets so that we can demonstrate the aptitude and ability to challenge these things and take them to a higher level. Enough is enough.”

“At the end of the day, if they’re really serious about wanting to close down all our clubs and bars, what does that mean for the future of us in Britain. It’s absolutely unacceptable.”

More news about the Fund For Fabric as soon as we have it.