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The first mobile video game based on DJ culture has launched

MIXMSTR looks at the lifestyles of DJs and those involved in the clubbing scene

A video game app for mobile that claims to be the first ever DJ culture game has launched as a free download.

MIXMSTR, the brainchild of Youth Control Games, focusses on the culture and lifestyle of DJs and those involved in the clubbing scene unlike other virtual DJ apps which focus on technical aspects such as mixing. 

The aim of the game is to earn money to buy records with and thus build your record collection in order to become a 'better' DJ and improve your DJ skills. As you get better and bigger, your star grows and you progress from playing local pub gigs to headlining the biggest virtual clubs in the app. 

“There are already too many virtual DJ apps on the market," said Timo Juuti, CEO of Youth Control Game. "Instead, we wanted to make a fun game about DJ culture and the clubbing scene we love.”

Players are also able to select music made by real producers and released by real labels for their DJ sets while the addition of rhythm action gameplay also allows users to control their characters' sets. 

MIXMSTR is available to download for free via the App Store and Google Play. You can watch a short trailer for the game below.

Pioneer recently announced that DJs would now be able to clear rights for mixes they recorded using its iOS app DJM-REC.

Earlier this year, a new app called Disco FM was launched, which allowed users to easily find audio clips for records while browsing in record shops.