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Duo talk techno, production and snacks...

With their new album 'Operator' out now via Last Gang Records, Canadian double-act MSTRKRFT took to Reddit last night for an Ask Me Anything session with fans.

With over a decade as a duo under their belts, the pair, formed of Jesse F. Keeler (JFK) and Alex Puodziukas (AL-P), are pushing deeper into tough techno territory, but maintaining their signature punk aesthetic.

With this in mind, their AMA certainly makes for an interesting read, but for those of you who don't fancy wading through the comments, here's five things we learned from the session...

1. 'Operator' is all about keepin' it real!

Naturally the new album was a hot topic for fans, with several pointing out how different it sounds from MSTRKRFT's previous LPs 'The Looks' and 'Fist Of God'. AL-P explained there is "an authenticity on 'Operator' that comes from letting the machines live and breathe and really just documenting how the set up itself sounded," adding that a lot of the sounds on the new album are "imperfect, but we chose to let those moments exist because they were REAL." JFK later went on to say that they didn't plan the resulting sound, before AL-P concluded: "I don't think we could have done the old sound even if we tried."

2. Green Velvet is a mind-blowing DJ (OK, so maybe we already knew this!)

When one user asked about the pair's early inspirations, JFK admitted the only real influencial moment he'd had as a part MSTRKRFT was watching Chicago legend Green Velvet play from the booth in London. "I'd been DJing for a long time at that point, but my mind was so totally blown by what he did," he said, "there are still things that he did that night i cant wrap my head around."

3. Fancy a tasty treat? Head to NYC

Looking for a good sandwich Stateside like one Redditor? JFK recommends checking out the pastrami on offer at Katz's Deli in New York City, while AL-P prefers to chow down on Detroit Grand Pubah's classic 2000 track 'Sandwiches'.

4. MSTRKRFT don't rate award ceremonies

Perhaps it's his punk heritage, but JFK isn't bothered about awards. When asked about being invited to the 2015 VMAs, he responded: "I dont think we would go even if we were nominated. Which wont happen. I won a Juno and I didnt go." Who needs trophies anyway, eh? 

5. They have a lot more music on the way

Having taken a bit of a break from music over the past few years, MSTRKRFT are back and stronger than ever. AL-P revealed that the pair have a whole heap of releases in the pipeline thanks to their refreshed status. "The way we're working now is the most direct IDEA->RECORD work flow we've ever had," he told one user. Hooray!

Head here to read the full AMA and go to the MSTRKRFT website to keep up-to-date with all the latest music from them.