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Flume drops surprise album, 'Arrived Anxious, Left Bored': Listen

It features music recorded across his career to date

Flume drops surprise album, 'Arrived Anxious, Left Bored': Listen

Flume has released a new surprise album, 'Arrived Anxious, Left Bored'.

It's the Australian artist's second surprise release of 2023, coming off the back of February's 'Things Don't Always Go The Way You Plan'. Much like that record, 'Arrived Anxious, Left Bored' features music recorded by Flume across his career to date.

"This and the first 'Things Don't...' drop are a bunch of songs that I always loved that didn't fit on a previous record," Flume said in a statement about the two albums. "It's cathartic, it feels really nice to clean the slate and make way for what's next."

Spanning 10 tracks, 'Arrived Anxious, Left Bored' takes in elements of house and ambient music and features his first foray into using his own vocals on a song, on 'All There 1.9 [2019 Export Wav]'. Producers Emile Haynie and Jim-E Stack are also listed as featured collaborators on the record.

Revisit DJ Mag's in-depth 2022 feature on Flume here, and listen to 'Arrived Anxious, Left Bored' below.