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Producer isn’t happy after his track is removed from the service…

It would seem that no one is safe from Soundcloud’s copyright protection system after UK producer Four Tet had one of his tracks blacklisted from the service.

The producer quickly took to Twitter to voice his dismay at the service’s draconian copyright system declaring the service is now “a slice of shit”.

Four Tet isn’t the only one to have suffered the effects of the Soundcloud ban hammer. Chet Faker recently tweeted a picture of a track that had been taken down because Soundcloud matched it to copyrighted material, of course it was matched to the very track that was taken down.

It would seem there’s an ever-increasing disconnect between artists, labels and Soundcloud with the music streaming service removing tracks that artists have uploaded themselves.

Clearly, Soundcloud needs to look into why so many tracks are being removed in recent months as they’re quickly running out of goodwill from both artists and music fans alike.