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Four Tet on London nightlife: “We’re gonna lose everything”

Kieran Hebden says the capitals nightlife is “miles away” from its golden years…

Four Tet has warned that not enough is being done to save London nightlife in a new interview about how the UK capital’s nightlife is in jeopardy.

“What worries me is nothing’s being done fast enough,” Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebden, told Pitchfork. “We’re gonna lose everything, and then everyone’s gonna wake up and be like, ‘Oh well, we don’t have any nightlife, we should try and build some up now.’ That doesn’t come out of nowhere—it takes years.”

Reflecting on London nightlife during the year that Fabric first opened in 1999, Hebden, who was recently invited by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to discuss nightlife at City Hall, added, “It was brilliant, madly exciting, on a bigger scale to other new clubs.

“Where’s the equivalent of that now? We’re miles away from it all of a sudden,” he concluded.

The comments come just weeks after London clubbing institute Fabric reopened its doors after having its license revoked last September.

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