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Fox News airs short documentary on L.A. warehouse parties

No prizes for guessing the stance they take...

Fox 11 News in Los Angeles has aired a short on "illegal" local parties.

In the clip, reporters go undercover or with police to film ravers at various events across the city, including an apartment complex in Compton with a stereo for a "soundsystem" and a warehouse in South LA.

Fox attempt to make out the second party is linked to the first — "and while this party is a no-go, promoters have another one set up at a different location" — despite it being on the other side of the city with a completely different crowd.

Reporters also talk to a woman whose son was shot and killed outside a party in Anaheim, South East LA, showing a hip-hop video he featured in, while pointing out that he was drinking and others were doing Nos balloons.

The video mentions the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire in an attempt to generate fear around raves, also focussing heavily on alcohol consumption.

At the end of the video, reporters return to the warehouses during the day but — unsurprisingly — nobody is there anymore. 

Watch the clip below.