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This new iPhone app lets anyone mint an NFT for free

S!ng is available now on the iOS App Store

A new iPhone app called S!ng lets any artist create and mint their own NFT for free, directly from their mobile device. File types like MP3, MP4, JPG and even MIDI files can be minted to the blockchain directly from your phone, quickly and for free. Previously, it cost between $50 and $100 of crypto to mint something to the Ethereum blockchain, using existing platforms like OpenSea or Foundation. S!ng manages its own Ethereum-based blockchain to speed up and make the process free. 

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The app was created in collaboration with artists like DJ Numark and producers like Jake One. S!ng co-creator and ex-Apple exec Geoff Osler told Fast Company the app is for “anyone who creates or manages creative work, including songwriters, photographers, visual artists, beat makers, and authors.” Also according to Fast Company “there’s no way to actually look up your NFT on the Ethereum blockchain; you have to use another app to do that.”

Find out more about S!ng and download it for your iPhone here.