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Fresh Kicks 45: Elisa Bee

Unknown To The Unknown's new signing drops a high energy mix...

Elisa Bee made her debut on Unknown To The Unknown last month, so we put her to the test for our Fresh Kicks series.

Having only a few releases to her name so far — including work for Portugal's Enchufada, a remix for Bottom Forty and an EP on Booty Call Records — the young Italian's UTTU record marks the next step in her career.

The six-track 'Mind Game' EP is certain to turn heads; jackin', with an off-kilter edge that grabs the attention and refuses to let go, this is pure club music. (Grab a copy here.)

Elisa's Fresh Kicks mix is just as energetic, packed full of punchy tracks by the likes of Denis Sulta, Floorplan, Truncate, plus a selection of her own new cuts too.

Check out the set and full tracklist at the bottom of the page.

Last record you bought?
"Jozef Van Wissem 'When Shall This Bright Day Begin'."

Last film you saw?
"Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch."

Last club you visited?
"Apollo Club in Milano."

Last meal you ate?
"Three croissants with apricot jam."

Last car you drove?
"Fiat 500 (not sure)."

Last album you listened to in full?
"Charles Mingus 'Cumbia & Jazz Fusion'."

Last mix you downloaded?
"Mix & Run by Nic Sarno."

Last person you played back-to-back with?

Last vinyl you spun?
"Herbert 'Part Seven'."

Last country you visited?

Last dream you remember?
"Franco Battiato making me try gravity absence during one of his shows."


01. Dany Rodriguez 'Signal From Another World' 
02. Eluize 'For The Forgetful (Gratts & Nibc Catnip Remix)'
03. Ford Foster 'Huh'
04. Cliff Lothar 'E-String (DJ Boneyard Remix)' 
05. Discrete Cirtuit 'Dusty Road, Part 2' 
06. Klienfeld 'CMD' 
07. Mark Broom 'LX' 
08. Mark Broom 'King (Gary Beck Remix)' 
09. Denis Sulta 'Time 4 Prayer' 
10. Avision 'That's My Sh*t' 
11. AM Unit 'Gotta Slow Down' 
12. Casio Royale 'Work This' 
13. Ford Foster 'PTP' 
14. AM Unit 'Raw Jam' 
15. Ford Foster 'Decisions (Mike Dunn's M.A.M Instrumental Mix)' 
16. His Majesty Andre & Elisa Bee 'Green Light' [Unreleased]
17. Jared Wilson 'Communing With Ghosts' 
18. DJ Octopus 'Americation' 
19. Floorplan 'Let The Church' 
20. O.D.D. 'Stew' 
21. Floorplan 'He Can Save You (Robert Hood Remix)' 
22. DJ Hyperactive 'Venus (Truncate Remix)' 
23. Tiga 'Stabbed In The Back (Redshape Remix)' 
24. Esteban Adame 'Political Game' 
25. Big Miz 'Foundations' 
26. Robert Hood 'Thought Process' 
27. Elisa Bee 'Mass' 
28. Elisa Bee 'Awaken' 
29. Elisa Bee 'Pulsar'

Pics by Martina Giovanna Bardot & Riccardo Fantoni
Ben Hindle is DJ Mag’s Clubs Editor and co-founder of DJ Mag Bunker. Follow him on Twitter here.