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Wrap your ears around a brand new mix from the Portuguese DJ

Photonz blew our minds recently with his remix of Legowelt’s ‘Institute of the Overmind’, which has seen some heavy office rotation.

The Portuguese DJ/producer, who we featured in the last issue of the magazine, has been making waves on DJ Haus’s Unknown to the Unknown, running his own One Eyed Jacks label and spinning regularly at clubs all over the world.

He’s put together a cracking mix for our new Fresh Kicks series, that shines a light on our favourite up-and-comers from around the globe.

Stream it below and check out Photonz’s Fresh Kicks quiz underneath.

Last record you bought?
"The ‘Vibe 3’ compilation on Future Times."

Last film you saw?
"Blade Runner's final cut and apart from that I've been glued to the episodes of the American Horror Story series."

Last club you visited?
"Corsica Studios for the Plex / Them / Bleed party earlier this month. Ridiculous line-up and I wasn't disappointed one bit - highlights for me were Chrononautz doing an insane live act at the end, and Objekt playing awesome records earlier in the night, classics like No Smoke's ‘Koro Koro’ and other great tunes."

Last meal you ate?
"Homemade vegetable soup and a few pizza slices."

Last car you drove?
"A Nissan Micra, the last time I visited my hometown of Lisbon."

Last album you listened to in full?
"Roxy Music's ‘Avalon’ - discovered it only a couple of years ago and find myself going back to it a lot, actually."

Last mix you downloaded?
"I've been checking an insane amount of mixes lately because of Rádio Quântica - the online radio station I've started with Violet. I think the latest one I've listened to in full was the new one Nuno Bernardino - he's a bit of an unsung hero back in Lisbon."

Last person you played back-to-back with?
"Violet. We end up doing loads of b2b sessions around London."

Last vinyl you spun?
"At home it was the remix EP for Fasenuova's ‘Cachito Turulo’ on Hivern Discs. At a party I think it was Kirlian's ‘Die Fertigen II’ (1994) on Rancho Relaxo - an oldie but goodie from Abe Duque under a different alias."

Last country you visited?

Last dream you remember?
"I'm terrible at remembering dreams, but I have a vague recollection about dreaming of something scary a few weeks ago."