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Marissa Cetin
14 September 2022, 14:14

Full cost of going to Tomorrowland broken down in new video: Watch

A Tomorrowland fan helps potential future attendees budget for the Belgian megafestival

Full cost of going to Tomorrowland broken down in new video: Watch

A new video breaks down the costs involved in attending Tomorrowland to help potential future punters budget.

An Instagram user named Chris, who posts under the handle @rebelkids, made a video laying out how much festivalgoers can expect to spend to attend the Belgian megafestival. Chris, who's from Sri Lanka and often posts about her travels, based these numbers on having recently attended Tomorrowland 2022, as well as previous editions, where the festival's internal currency of "pearls" was the equivalent of €1.60. She shared estimates of additional costs like hotels (about €150) and travel (€30 for trains for all the three days or €80-100 on taxis daily) on top of the three-day standard ticket price (€310) if would-be attendees don't prefer to grab the three-day camping ticket for €390. 

Once at the festival, Chris noted that the "100+" food options range from €7-15, with a burger and fries likely to set you back €12 and €6, respectively. Water and soft drinks cost €3.30 by Chris's count, with large beers pricing at €6.20, wine at €7.10 and spirits and mixers totalling €11.30. Of course, she noted the famed ferris wheel is "FREEEE" to ride.

Crucially, Chris notes that these numbers do not include the cost of getting to and from the festival in Boom, Flanders, aside from the estimated daily travel from hotels in nearby cities. Individual travel costs for those coming from abroad will, naturally, vary widely from person to person. 

Since wrapping up the recent festival this past July (watch key sets back here), the Tomorrowland crew is preparing to host Eric Prydz HOLO show at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome next month for ADE

Still not sure about spending the money to go to real-life Tomorrowland? You can visit the Mainstage in the Metaverse with this virtual reality recreation

Watch Chris's video below. 


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