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Fund to support the Ukrainian creative community launches

The project is the brainchild of Kyiv club ∄

Fund to support the Ukrainian creative community launches

Kyiv club ∄ has set up a new initiative aiming to build a community fund for Ukrainian creatives that have been affected by Russia's invasion of the country.

The ∄ Community Fund, a post on the club's Instagram page reads, will look "to provide support to the musical and cultural community that has been facing life-threatening challenges since the beginning of the Russian invasion".

The fund will support more than 150 staff and others connected to the Kyiv venue "whose livelihood is in jeopardy". The clubs hopes to be able to "support them financially, help them find a safe place in Ukraine or abroad, help them cross the border" and "enable them to receive humanitarian, legal and psychological aid".

The club has also set up a Telegram bot, which will allow its community to reach out to others with requests regarding evacuation, financial help and shelter.

Launching the fund, the team behind ∄ added: "We sincerely believe that there will soon be a time when we will be able to resume our work. In the meantime, we ask for your help to support our community and ensure that this future is possible."

Find out more via the Instagram post below.