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Get the sound of the Yamaha CS80 in your Eurorack with this new module

The popular Deckard's Dream synth comes to Eurorack with a new Deckard's Voice module…

Deckard's Voice is a new CS80 synth clone for Eurorack that costs €799. Based on the popular Deckard's Dream synth that clones the legendary Yamaha synth – most prominently known for its role on the Blade Runner soundtrack – the new Deckard's Voice appears to be a single voice version of the eight-voice polysynth. 

Featuring the usual patch points you'd expect on Eurorack, according to a post on Black Corporation's Instagram, the new module features the same "paradigm and circuit" as its bigger brother. The €800 price points is quite expensive for a single voice module, but a lot cheaper than the £3,599 price tag of the full eight-voice version. Those cheeky clone connaisseurs Behringer have also revealed they're working on a CS80 clone, but there's no release date.