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GIDEÖN launches new label, Homo-Centric, with ‘Ritmo’ EP

It's created to amplify the work of queer artists in underground dance music


GIDEÖN has launched a new record label, Homo-Centric, with a new EP.

The London-born selector, producer and co-founder of Glastonbury's Block9 stage - real name Gideon Berger - created the imprint to "showcase his own productions and to amplify the work of queer artists in underground dance music with a specific focus on highlighting and celebrating the queer heritage of House music."

Marking the launch of the imprint is GIDEÖN's own EP, 'Ritmo'. Set for release on 28th October, the four-tracker is led with new single, 'Aaron Carl Lives On'. Listen below.

In a statement, GIDEÖN said: “To re-establish the lines of queer musical tradition at the heart of House, lost to AIDS and the capitalist desecration of dance music itself. Homo-Centric both acknowledges and reveres the original LGBTQIA+, Black and Latin pioneers of House - their DNA permeates all subsequent journeys in the genre. Homo-Centric maintains that the original founders and champions of House must be recognised, named, and honoured.”

“After many years of procrastination, I have finally founded the Homo-Centric Records imprint to share some of the music I’ve been making and to serve as a platform to showcase great work from other artists committed to the true spirit of House music," he added.

"To start off proceedings, the first collection of tracks on this debut EP are dedicated to a personal hero of mine: the late, great Aaron Carl (1973-2010). The first single “Aaron Carl Lives On” features Aaron’s iconic words and wisdom on the phenomenon of House music."