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GIDEÖN soundtracks contemporary dance performance, Man[Or]God

The new show will debut at London's Cannon Factory this weekend

GIDEÖN soundtracks contemporary dance performance, Man[Or]God

Block9 co-founder, DJ and musician GIDEÖN, aka Gideon Berger, has been enlisted to produce the score for a new theatre production by dance artist Mavin Khoo.

The 75-minute show, 'MAN[or]GOD', explores Khoo's experience as a queer South Asian man living in London, bringing together elements of dance, music and film to do so. In addition to Khoo's work, the production also includes choreography by dance artists Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Akram Khan.

"It's a really exciting project I have been working on for over a year now as Creative Director & Composer," Berger said of his work on 'MAN[or]GOD'. "I've been lucky enough to work with some insanely talented classical musicians and found a wildly exciting sonic aesthetic somewhere between Malaysian Gamelan, Indian Classical and downstairs at Berghain on a Monday morning."

Khoo added: "Celebrating my 30-year journey as a professional dance artist, I feel empowered to tell my story with a sense of ownership. I am deeply humbled to hold the hands of choreographers Akram Khan and Joy Alpuerto Ritter, who have been an essential part of my life. In addition, to be supported by a creative team of incredible artists gives me such a sense of confidence in articulating this very personal piece.

"In this liminal experience, God and Sex belong to the same space, where life reveals its Beauty through its own complexities and tensions. Suspended space and time, we stop trying to decipher and apprehend, we feel and surrender."

The production will debut at London's Cannon Factory this Friday, 23rd and Sunday, 24th September. Watch a trailer below, and get tickets here.

Earlier this month, GIDEÖN launched his own label, Homo-Centric, with a new EP.