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Gina Jeanz releases new EP, ‘Dichotomy’, on Temper Tone: Listen

The two-track release is “a glimpse into my ongoing journey”, the artist said

Photo of Gina Jeanz posing against a black background.

Gina Jeanz has dropped a new EP, ‘Dichotomy’. Listen below.

The two-tracker is the Namibia-born producer’s first for the newly launched Temper Tone label, and follows the release of her 2021 debut LP ‘Lucid Theory’

After releasing ‘Lucid Theory’, Gina – who also released the ‘Sounds of Zanzi’ EP in 2022 – moved to Zürich, Switzerland, and found herself needing to adjust to her new environment. She described her latest project as “a glimpse into my ongoing journey, a reflection of my transformation as I have both resisted and surrendered to this new chapter. Through both resistance and surrender, I have encountered numerous firsts in a condensed timeframe but I feel a sense of pride in taking a leap of faith and embracing this new direction.”

As well as channelling the producer’s roots, ‘Dichotomy’ incorporates Gina’s own vocals for the first time. “I challenged myself even by adding vocals to the track ‘Resist’ which I’ve always avoided up until now. Essentially I was taking the time to explore more Afrocentric rhythms in my production, applying new skills,” she said.

Last year, Gina featured on Juba’s ‘The Assurance’s Compilation’, which celebrated femme artists from the Global South including EVEHIVE, BADSISTA, Sonia Calico, Maggie Tra and more.

Later this month, Gina makes her debut at Amnesia Ibiza where she will play alongside the likes of Sama’ Abdulhadi, Reinier Zonneveld and Special Request. 

Listen to ‘Dichotomy’ via Bandcamp below.