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Giorgio Moroder: ‘I do not like being called the godfather of electronic music’

He also says he never really liked going to clubs...

Giorgio Moroder has given a wide-ranging interview ahead of his first ever live tour, which is due to begin in April.

Speaking to The Guardian, he revealed that he doesn't like the tag of "the godfather of disco and electronic music" that he's picked up over the years. "It’s better than being called the grandfather, but I still don’t like it," he added.

He also reveals in the interview that he was never particularly a fan of going to clubs or dancing. Speaking about the 1977 hit 'I Feel Love' that he made with Donna Summer, he claims that it's not an ideal track for dancing to. "Can you dance to it? I don’t even like dancing, but my wife dances quite well a lot," he says, before offering that he makes good club music precisely because he doesn't go to clubs.

Giorgio Moroder will embark on his first ever live tour on April 1st.