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Includes remixes from Warp Records artists...

While Disney has all but given up on the idea on a follow-up to Tron:Legacy, the franchise is still alive and kicking in videogame form with disco-demigod Giorgio Moroder recently delivering a soundtrack for the game.

That soundtrack is now being given a proper release with a bevy of remixes from Warp Records artists Bibio, Rusko, Autechre, Plaid and Darkstar.

"TRON spans several decades of really innovative music, whether it's Wendy Carlos in the first film or Daft Punk. So we wanted an artist who could really span those generations in a legitimate way," explains executive producer Christopher Nicholls in the press release.

"If you go back to the sound of original electro disco in the '70s, Giorgio is right at the heart of it. He's been pushing electronic music his whole career. We wanted to nod to the first film as well as the later incarnations of the series."

TRON RUN/r will be release 31st May via Disney and Sumthing Else Music Works.

You can hear a snippet of Bibio's remix of 'Run Program' below.