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Desert Storm Soundsystem member fought injustice with music...

Keith Robinson of Glasgow rave pioneers Desert Storm Soundsystem, has died.

According to a post from the Desert Storm Facebook page, the 48-year-old is thought to have commited suicide on Sunday 18th September. "Tragically Keith Robinson ended his extraordinary and wonderful life in the River Thames," the statement reads.

"His loving family needs time and space to grieve and come to terms with such a terrible and unexpected event. They ask his many friends to share their sorrow and be patient for news until the circumstances have been better understood."

Robinson and Desert Storm put on the first ever illegal rave in Glasgow in 1991, protesting the strict 4am curfew imposed on the city. The crew later provided music at the anti-Criminal Justice Bill rally in London's Trafalgar Square in 1994, before holding a moral-boosting New Year's Eve rave out of the back of a truck in war-torn Bosnia.