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Goldie was “pelted with coins” by angry Sex Pistols fans during 2008 tour

He made £97 from the mob on one night in Brixton alone 

Goldie Sex Pistols

Goldie was "pelted with coins" by angry Sex Pistols fans while supporting the punk icons on their 2008 tour, he has revealed in a new interview with NME

The Metalheadz co-founder was recently interviewed for NME's Q&A series 'Does Rock 'N Roll Kill Braincells', in which music stars are asked questions about their past to determine how much they remember. Question four of this edition focused on the 'coining' incident, and Goldie admits to earning £97.38 from the angry crowd at a Brixton tour date. He said he made "a lot more in Glasgow!", shouting "You missed me, you twats!" as metal flew passed his head. 

Other revelations the DJ, producer, musician and actor revealed in the feature included David Bowie being a regular at the Metalheadz club night in London, and nearly being thrown off a British Airways flight for laughing so hard at the John Niven novel, 'Kill Your Friends', which features a drum & bass superstar character Rage, who is closely based on Goldie. 

In March it was announced that Metalheadz was launching a new, non-drum & bass label, Headzstate, celebrating the 'golden age' of electronic music, paying tribute to the stylistic intersection between Detroit and Berlin and taking influence from the likes of Nookie, Doc Scott and 4Hero.