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Gorillaz to launch immersive “Spirit House” experiences in three cities for free

Berlin, Amsterdam and NYC, you’re in luck!

Gorillaz are launching three immersive “Spirit House” pop-ups in Berlin, Amsterdam and New York later this month, which will allow fans to step inside the home of the virtual band.

Described as “immersive, high fidelity” areas in “raw spaces”, each house with feature projections, sculpture and installations alongside more traditional forms of art and music from the band.

“Come and bathe in high-tech sound, feast on unearthly visuals, and let the experience take you on the ultimate trip,” bassist Murdoc Niccals said in a statement.

The new project has been created in partnership in Sonos and will pop up in three capital cities around the globe including Berlin (28th - 30th April), New York (21 - 23rd April) and Amsterdam (6th May).

Entry is free but you must sign up via the Sonos x Gorillaz website. Watch a trailer for the pop-ups below.