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Gorillaz tease new track featuring slowthai, ‘Song Machine’

The track reportedly also features Slaves

Gorillaz have teased new music.

Posting to Instagram, Spotify and Youtube, the digital outfit, comprised of virtual members 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle, and Russel, shared a teaser of a new project entitled 'Song Machine'.

The first new music from Gorillaz since their 2018 album 'The Now Now', the new project looks set to feature slowthai and punk rock duo Slaves, as announced in a tweet posted by entertainment platform The Version last week.

Gorillaz member Murdoc also recently cropped up in the banner for slowthai's 2019 track 'Doorman' on Spotify.

Check out the teaser posted on Gorillaz's Youtube below, titled 'Song Machine Theme Tune', as well as a short clip on their Spotify titled 'Song Machine: Machine Bitez #1'.

Last year, Gorillaz announced a documentary, Reject False Icons.