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Hear the full Stranger Things season two soundtrack: Listen

80s synthwave has never sounded so good...

Just days ahead of the Stranger Things season two premiere on Netflix — you can now listen to the new Stranger Things soundtrack from the show's music masterminds S U R V I V E. 

Part of the allure of the show has always been S U R V I V E's unique approach to the show's Carpenter-esque soundtrack, which has seen the band tour the world with their hardware-focussed live shows. 

The new soundtrack — which clocks in at a full 71 minutes, across 34 tracks — features plenty of haunting synth work which has become synonymous with the shows 80s aesthetic, and is the perfect appetiser for this weekend's season 2 premiere. 

Check out the full soundtrack below.

And if that's not enough, you can play a Stranger Things synths in your web browser — because why not?