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Christian Eede
8 December 2022, 16:23

Heinali announces new album, 'Kyiv Eternal', shares title track: Listen

It will be released one year on from Russia's full invasion of Ukraine

Heinali announces new album, 'Kyiv Eternal', shares title track

Ukrainian producer Heinali is lining up a new album for release in February.

Titled 'Kyiv Eternal', the 11-track record is described as a tribute to the artist's home country, and particularly to the city he loves most. "I've spent 37 years of my life in Kyiv," he said in a statement accompanying the album's announcement. "It has become an inseparable part of my identity."

Speaking further, the producer, real name Oleh Shpudeiko, said: "After the Battle of Kyiv was over, many Kyivites noticed this strange feeling. It was as if the city was alive, breathing. We wanted to hug it, to protect every inch of it from harm. I didn’t know how to do it back then. It took time and distance to figure it out, but 'Kyiv' Eternal' is my hug."

The album's artwork is based around a photograph of a monument to 16th century Ukrainian political, military and civic leader Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny, which has been wrapped up to protect it from the Russian bombs. 

Of the monument, Shpudeiko said:"It's one of the many statues, sculptures, and monuments in the city that were wrapped up and protected with sandbags from the invasion. In a way, it is a metaphor for hugging the city and keeping it from harm."

'Kyiv Eternal' will be released by Injazero on 24th February, a year after Putin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Listen to the title track below.

Earlier this year, Heinali live-streamed a modular set from a bomb shelter in his home country in an effort to raise funds for humanitarian aid.