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Here’s how fast Calvin Harris made an average worker's salary in 2018

Must be nice...

MIDINation have worked out how quickly it takes Calvin Harris to earn an average annual salary.

Using the average annual salaries below, it turns out that Harris takes just two hours and 43 minutes to earn a truck driver's annual salary. In other words, an extended Vegas or festival set. A staggaring fact given the knowledge that wages are stagnating across many other professions. Though a software developer can earn over three times the amount a truck driver does in 12 months, Harris still matches their annual wage in just over the time most people work in one single day.

Minimum wage workers: $15,080/year
Truck drivers: $33,450/year
Construction workers: $42,480/year
Musicians: $56,076/year
Registered nurses: $70,000/year
Software developers: $103,560/year

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Calvin Harris is the highest paid DJ in the world, making $48 million a year according to Forbes' list released last year.

While there were less EDM stars amongst 2018’s richest musician than last year, the collective value of all those on it has risen: from $1.58 billion in 2017 to  $1.65 billion.

He might be rich, but Calvin Harris doesn’t like being called Calvin Harris. Someone tell Dua Lipa, who Harris (or Adam) is reportedly back in the studio with.