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The best and worst synths of 2018

This Reddit thread had a comprehensive poll with some interesting results…

2018 was a good year for synths – isn't every year? A whole heap of Behringer clones were teased, previewed and released, while Eurorack continued to thrive, innovative new controllers made it to market and more soft synths than anyone could ever need were rolled out.

Over on the Reddit thread r/synthesizers, they tried to make sense of the fast-paced year with a comprehensive poll with categories including 'Biggest Surprise', 'Best Hypothetical Behringer Clone' and 'Most Overpriced Vintage Gear'. Winners include the Moog Grandmother [pictured], Roland TRS8 and Novation SL MKIII. 

It's an interesting and funny read – head over to the poll results here and catch up on the year that was 2018.