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Here's what Berlin's Berghain really looks like on the inside

Warning: contains spoilers...

Berlin's Berghain nightclub has been immortalised in a series of infographics which detail the techno club's cavernous rooms, floors and sections.

Split into four levels, Berghain famously houses a fetish club in the warehouse's darkened basement, whilst the building's top floor is home to popular rave cave Panorama Bar. 

The Berlin club has been in the news more than ever throughout 2017. Sound technicians at the club recently installed a new soundsystem, whilst a Berghain-themed card game is set to hit shelves later this year. 

Berghain, and its upper level, Panorama Bar, ranked 12th in DJ Mag's Top 100 Clubs list earlier this year, up four places from its 2016 position, with countless articles written on navigating the door staff, including this 28 piece illustrated guide, which we published in April.  

You can check out both the infographics of Berlin's Berghain below.