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Hip-hop makes maturing cheese taste better, study finds

Cheese exposed to rap gives it "a discernibly stronger smell and stronger, fruitier taste"...

Hip-hop helps maturing cheese taste richer, a study has found.

A Swiss experiment delightfully called Cheese in Surround Sound has found exposing cheese to music while it ages gives it a better flavour, with nine 22-pound wheels of Emmental put in wooden crates subjected to five different genres and three sine frequencies for 24 hours a day for six months.

Some of the tunes included Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven', Vril's techno cut 'UV' and Mozart's 'The Magic Flute', but it was A Tribe Called Quest's 'Jazz (We've Got)' which came out on top, with the food technologists at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences stated the song had "a discernibly stronger smell and stronger, fruitier taste than the other test samples".

The study, investigating how sound waves might impact the microorganisms within cheese which gives it its flavour, came to the general conclusion: "cheeses exposed to music had a generally mild flavour compared to the control test sample". This was believed to be the effect of music with lower frequencies, rather than necessarily down to Q-Tip and co.'s sick bars and beats.

What's even more remarkable is that the cheeses were then presented to a panel of judges for blind tasting; and they unanimously preferred Tribe's cheese wheel.

DJ Mag can't stop thinking about what cheese and dance music crossovers we could have. David Feta? Nicky Romano? Total Briedom? RudEmmental? The list is endless...