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A hip-hop museum is set to open in the Bronx

It will display vinyl, holograms and more...

A hip-hop museum is set to open in The Bronx area of New York.

The Universal Hip-Hop Museum is being set up by chairman Kurtis Blow, alongside Director Rocky Bucano and Chairman of the Celebrity Board Chuck D. It will be run as "a space for audiences, artists, and technology to converge and create unparalleled educational and entertainment experiences," according to a report by Forbes.

A number of items set to be displayed inside the museum will be donated, and included amongst them are handwritten lyrics by Tupac and Kurtis Blow's gold plaque for his song 'The Breaks'. There will also be thousands of vinyl and cassettes displayed, as well as turntables, a recording studio and video projections of graffiti. 

Plans are now underway to open the museum, with work expected to finish by 2023. $20 million in funding has been secured, but another $60 million is required to see the project to completion.

An online museum for rare Russian synths was launched late last year, while an exhibition in Berlin showcasing the city's '90s techno club culture will close this month.