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History of Polish techno parades explored in new book

Bartłomiej Kluska's book uncovers how the city of Łódź became a hub for genres such as drum & bass and happy hardcore during the '90s

A new book has been published about techno parades and dance music subcultures in the Polish city of Łódź.

'Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź', the work of Polish writer Bartłomiej Kluska, explores how Łódź became a hub for dance music sub-genres such as drum & bass and happy hardcore during the 1990s, through the lens of the annual Freedom Parade (Parada Wolności).

Taking place from 1996 to 2002, the parade attracted around 25,000 dancers each year before it was eventually banned by right-wing mayor Jerzy Kropiwnicki, who is now a member of Poland's Law and Justice party, shortly after he was voted into office.

Spanning 120 pages, the book explores the parade's history, and legacy, via interviews with key figures involved in the event, such as DJs and associated promoters. Kluska also includes some of his own memories from the parade, and weaves in various press cuttings from the time. 

You can purchase a copy of 'Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź' from a Polish outlet here.

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