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Holly Herndon, Tim Hecker, Cristian Vogel, more locked for ACCA Digital 2019

Sugai Ken is also set to play the series of events which makes up part of Brighton Digital Festival

ACCA Digital will curate a series of events as part of this year's Brighton Digital Festival next month.

Set to take place at the Attenborough Centre of the Creative Arts in Brighton, the programme will cover music performances, installations and workshops. Among the musical highlights, Holly Herndon will present her album, 'PROTO' with an expanded musical line-up and vocalists.

Tim Hecker will bring his latest album, 'Anoyo', to Brighton for a live show with support on the night from Sugai Ken. Other programme highlights include a live audiovisual performance from Caterina Barbieri and visual artist Ruben Spini, and a set from Cristian Vogel. 

The Knife collaborator Planningtorock will also present a reworked set of material drawn from their latest album Powerhouse. The performance will precede a release from the artist of the set itself, while they will also head up an afterparty featuring a line-up of genderqueer and nonbinary artists including YaYa Bones and S/HE (Tomboys Don't Cry).

Head to the ACCA Digital website to check the full line-up of events and get tickets. 

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