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H.O.S.H. releases album as free download: Listen

DJ mix ‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ is available now...

H.O.S.H. has shared his new DJ mix album ‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ as a free download.

The nearly two-hour mix features collaborative tracks with Mia Lee, Pig & Dan, Tim Engelhardt, SONO, Johannes Brecht, Karmon, and Leha. Each represents a one-take live studio session.

“I would say the sounds of the mix go more hand in hand with the sounds I’m playing in my sets. As a matter of fact, I now play all the tracks that I produce and have never had as much fun as doing so,” mentions the Fryhide label boss about the effort. “So the new album feels more like the sound of the real me rather than any new direction.”

Be-at.TV recently captured H.O.S.H. in the live setting. That footage is available here. Check out ‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ below.  

Experience H.O.S.H. live on the White Isle this summer.