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Hospital Records deletes Mistabishi’s productions from catalogue following racist comments

The Drum and Bass producer said that London mayor Sadiq Khan was "not a Londoner" because he is "from a migrant family"...

Hospital Records have announced that they will remove all music by d&b DJ/producer Mistabishi from their store following recent racist and xenophobic remarks made on his social media.

Mistabishi – real name James Pullen – was found to have made xenophobic comments about London mayor Sadiq Khan, stating that he was not “a Londoner” because “real Londoners are English”. In since deleted Facebook comments he went on to say that “Khan is from a migrant family. He’s not English”. The comments were screenshotted and shared on Twitter by Manchester-based artist Chimpo said, “How u gonna hate immigrants and make DnB n techno? Racists aren't welcome here mate. Go make some baroque or suttin. Clown.”

In a statement made on Facebook, Hospital Records, the south London d&b label that had previously released Pullen’s music said, “Our ethos of equality and total inclusivity to all remains, as it always has. Racism, xenophobia and bigotry have no place in our community. We are proud to be part of a diverse and tolerant community in which every person is treated as an equal no matter where they are from, their race or heritage.”

As such, they have deleted Mistabishi's releases from their online store and have said that they will donate any income received from his releases in other stores to the LoveMusic HateRacism charity. 

You can read Hospital Records statement in full here.