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How to Ableton Like a Pro

New video shows some handy tips and tricks for the popular DAW…

Since Ableton launched version 10 – and more recently announced Live 10.1 – there's been a whole host of major and minor changes to improve the workflow and popular user requests have been implemented by the German company. 

But us DAW users can be very stuck in our ways, and rarely read the manual, resulting in sticking to workaround techniques that have already been solved in previous versions. A new video from YouTube user Dylan Tallchief succinctly sums up all the workflow, feature and even custom scripting enhancements Ableton users may have missed or didn't even know about. 

Titled 'How To Ableton (Like a Pro), the 20-min video features lots of workflow tips, features and even custom hacks (mostly for PC) – check the full video below and find out what's new in Live 10.1 here