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How dance music conquered the world: BBC series starts this week

The three part series explores the history of dance music from its origins right up to the modern day...

A new BBC  series, Can You Feel It - How Dance Music Conquered The World’, is set to air this Friday 21st September.

The three part series, which charts the history of dance music from its origins in disco and The Warehouse of Chicago right up to its modern ubiquity and global, mainstream popularity. will air on BBC 4 at 10 pm on Friday.

The first episode will “follow the 4/4 beat” through history and features contributions and interviews from Nicky Siano, Marshall Jefferson, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Fatboy Slim and more.

You can watch a trailer for the series below.

This series is just one of many recent documentaries, books and films that have been released shining a light on the history of dance music. A new book by David Stubbs, Mars By 1980, chronicled everything form avant-garde experimentalism, futurism, Musique Concréte and synth pop to contemporary house and techno.

Another new documentary, The Sound of Berlin, has been made available to watch in full online, allowing fans to explore the roots of the German capital's love affair with techno and the underground.

Photo credit: Sarah Ginn