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Ibiza authorities want to ban all alcohol on flights to the White Isle

To help battle “anti-social tourism”...

As Ibiza gets more and more popular, anti-social tourism is becoming a real problem, leading authorities in the Balearic Islands to ask the European Union to ban all alcohol on flights and in airports.

“We ask the central government and the European commission to ban the consumption of alcoholic drinks on flights and in airports,” said Pilar Carbonell, in charge of tourism for the local government of the Balearic Islands.

“The aim of the measure is to improve passenger security and also that of security forces in planes and airports in our islands, who are often faced with drunk passengers," Carbonell adds.

With instances of fights, lewd and drunken behaviour becoming more and more common, alcohol bans on flights to Ibiza are already in place and are used at the discretion of the airlines.

But today's statement wants to go one step further and ban all alcohol sales on all flights and in the terminal for passengers travelling to Ibiza and other well-known party hot spots.