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Ibiza introduces strict new alcohol restrictions with fines up to €600,000

Tourists found to break the new rules could be fined between €1000 to €6000


The Balearic Islands' government has imposed new restrictions on alcohol consumption in Ibiza and Mallorca.

The new rules will restrict tourists' alcohol consumption on both islands, in the popular resort areas of San Antoni de Portmany, Magaluf,  El Arenal and Playa de Palma. They also affect all-inclusive holidaymakers across the islands.

Approved in early 2020, the decree-law stipulates that 2-for-1, happy hour and free bar offers are officially banned. This extends to advertising such deals and offers. Bars and restaurants that serve food, as well as all-inclusive resorts, are also restricted to a daily "six-drink rule", namely serving a maximum of three alcoholic beverages at lunch or dinner per customer.

Elsewhere, retail outlets that sell alcohol such as off-licences will be closed between 9.30pm to 8am every day, while the prohibition of pub crawls and party boats remain in place.

Beyond alcohol restriction, the act of "balconing" — or jumping between or from balconies into swimming pools — is also banned. According to the government's official bulletin on the matter, anyone caught breaking the rule will be "expelled with immediate effect".

Tourists found to break the new rules could be fined between €1000 to €6000, while establishments are at risk of facing fines between €60,001 to €600,000, along with closure for up to three years.

Approved as a means to shake the stereotype of Ibiza as a hotspot for binge-drinking and party culture, the rules — which are initially in place until 2025 — coincide with the Balearic Islands' government adding Ibiza to their joint campaign with the British embassy to promote the islands as a safe destination, free of uncivil behaviour.