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Ibiza’s beaches under threat of being “permanently lost” due to climate crisis, study shows

Some of the island’s most popular venues could be underwater in the next hundred years

A study has predicted that Ibiza’s beaches are likely to be destroyed by climate change. 

Marine scientists have published findings of a report which suggests beaches across the Balearic Islands will be “permanently lost” due to rising sea levels and changing wave patterns. 

Through mathematical modelling of sea states, sea levels and local geography, it’s predicted there will be permanent loss of 56 - 65% of the current sandy coastline of the popular tourist destination by the end of the century if global emissions continue their trend. If weather conditions are extreme, 84 - 86% of beach areas will be flooded.

The Ibiza Tourist Board has previously revealed that the UK delivers the highest number of overseas visitors to the island, its nightlife being a main attraction for party-goers. However, popular beach music venues could be under threat of disappearing altogether, if the study's predictions prove to be true.

“Much of the income of touristic regions in the Mediterranean comes from beach and sun tourism”, explained one contributor to the project. “This means that it is essential to predict the fate of these beaches under climate change.”

In October, DJs for Climate Action launched a new initiative to help the electronic music industry become more sustainable. 

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