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Idle Hands issues stark warning over the impact of coronavirus on independent record stores

“If Italy is anything to go by shops like Idle Hands will be forced to close indefinitely”

As the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to force a number of event cancellations or postponements and club closures, Bristol record shop Idle Hands has issued a stark warning on how the pandemic might affect small, independent businesses.

"This is a worrying time for everyone and a situation none of us are used too," reads a social media post penned by the shop's owner, Chris Farrell. "Events are moving fast and we have to accept that major disruption is on its way. If Italy is anything to go by shops like Idle Hands will be forced to close indefinitely."

The post continues: "I'm proud to have survived almost a decade through some of the worst economic challenges we've seen in our lifetime. It might look like an easy job because the shop is still here and consistently opening its doors, but there have been times where idle hands has survived by the skin of its teeth - especially with the recent uncertainty of Brexit.

"If at any time over the last nine years you've enjoyed coming to the shop, I'd ask that you please support us in whatever way you can over the coming weeks or however long we're still able to be open. Come in and buy records, like and share our social media posts, buy online and share our website with your friends, give us a good reviews, but most importantly consider making your next vinyl purchase through us."

You can support Idle Hands by buying records online from the store here.

The spread of coronavirus has already led to the cancellation of the 2020 editions of events such as SXSW in Texas and Miami's Ultra Music Festival. A number of Berlin's clubs, including Berghain, have also closed their doors, until late April at least.