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Illegal rave in LA condemned by health experts

“Frankly, I think these are a terrible idea”

An Illegal rave that took place in Los Angeles last weekend has been condemned by health experts.

Event organisers Technometrik hosted the party last weekend, which took place in a South L.A. warehouse, and charged $20 for entry to the over 21s party. Despite the event lacking permits and proper regulations, tickets were available to purchase online.

Speaking about the resurgence of underground parties during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Tara C. Smith, an epidemiologist and professor at Kent State University’s College of Public Health, said that she thought the events are frankly "a terrible idea."

“I understand that everyone wants to get back to normal," she continued, "but being in a small enclosed area in close contact with many others is one of the highest-risk activities one can do.”

The DJ who headlined the event, veteran L.A. techno producer Axka, told the L.A. Times he felt comfortable performing at the party. "When I got there, I was worried it would be packed," he said, "but everyone had enough space to walk, and the stage was secluded in the back, with a big opening to the outdoors. It felt safe enough. I was a little worried in the morning, like, ‘Am I OK?’ But to be honest, it felt great.”

A number of serious incidents occured at two illegal raves which took place in Manchester in the UK last weekend.