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Illegal raves are on the rise in the UK, says new report

There were over 680 reports of raves of unlicensed and music events in 2017…

Illegal raves are on the rise in the UK, according to a new report.

According to Sky News, there were 682 reports of illegal raves and unlicensed music events recorded in the UK 2017, an increase of 9% from the previous year’s 628.

These figures were gathered from FOI responses from a mere 14 police forces from England and Wales, suggesting that the actual numbered of illegal raves reported across the UK is considerably larger.

Metropolitan Police said there were 133 unlicensed music events in London in 2017 – almost double the 70 that were reported in 2017.

Speaking to Sky, Chief constable Ben-Julian Harrington, the NPCC's lead for sporting and planned events, said, “It is clear that unlicensed music events are a growing problem and they pose a real challenge to communities and police forces.

"Forces must balance the nuisance or damage caused with the overall safety of the local community, those attending and the police officers or other agencies who may need to respond."

However, others have spoken out about the bias and ignorance expressed by authorities, arguing that many illegal raves are not as dangerous or disrespectful to the local landscape as reported. One interviewee said she “hates being made to feel like a criminal" by such accusations directed toward unlicensed events.

The news comes in the wake of numerous clubs being forced to close across the UK in recent years.

The report also comes after a summer that saw a rave between the Welsh villages of Brechfa and Abergorlach go on for two days in May despite numerous complaints from local residents. Police faced criticism after they could not think of a way to make the estimated 1000 ravers leave safely, so the party went on.

In October, as reported by Resident Advisor, Hackney Council launched a new consultation with local residents to discuss plans to clamp down on the illegal raves taking place in Wick Woodland. This news came just months after A protest took place outside Hackney Town Hall against newly implemented licensing laws which severely restrict opening hours of new venues in the borough.