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This interactive rave map uses your dancefloor memories to chart clubbing history

The ClubTogether map aims to chart the historical progression of dance music...

A new project collecting memories from clubs, rave and various parties over the last few decades has been launched.

ClubTogether is gathering people's memories to create an interactive map that will chart the historical progression of various forms of dance music. The map will reflect the Acid House Love Blueprint: A History Of Dance Music And Rave Culture map created last year by design studio Dorothy. That design saw different eras of dance music mapped onto a Roland TB-303 synth. 

"When we launched the print we were swamped with feedback from individuals about their memories from clubs and club nights from all over the world," the team behind ClubTogether explains. "So we decided to create ClubTogether, which is essentially a place for people to share memories of clubs and club nights (past and present) to an interactive map which responds in realtime to the content submitted by the clubbing community."

You can take a look at the map, and contribute for yourself, here.

A new book was launched in March looking at the birth of acid house and club culture, while another book called Flying Over England was released earlier this year, featuring rave art from the late '80s and early '90s.