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iZotope and Native Instruments team up for free plugins and discounts

Download Hybrid Keys and Ozone Elements for free now

iZotope and Native Instruments recently announced a merger under a new umbrella company and to celebrate they’re offering you the chance to download two of their plugins for free. NI are offering up Hybrid Keys, a Kontakt instrument full of keyboards, synths, pads, mallets and more. It also features a flexible GUI that can morph between sample layers creating unique synth tones. 

iZotope is offering an entry-level version of its mastering software Ozone. Elements features a mastering EQ, limiter, metering, stereo imager and a Master Assistant that can help you get to a starting point to master your music. 

NI and iZotope are also offering a free $25 discount for both the NI store and the iZotope store. The offer runs for another 12 days until the end of May. Download the plugins here.

Read more about NI and iZotope’s merger here.