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iZotope update their popular mastering tool Ozone: Watch

Version 8 coincides with a new version of their mixing plugin Neutron…

iZotope have updated their popular mastering plugin Ozone, featuring a revolutionary new Master Assistant aimed at simplifying the mastering process. By analysing the sonic content of your track Master Assistant aims to give you a head start by suggesting certain aspects of the track that need work, and certain processes that could be applied.

It follows on from similar AI introduced with their new plugin Neutron, now upgraded the version 2. The two plugins now ‘communicate’ with one suggesting changes as you adapt the other. Ozone 8 also introduces other features such as Tonal Balance Control and Spectral Shaper mode aimed at reducing harsh frequencies.

Overall, Ozone 8 will undoubtedly continue to cement the plugins popularity as many producers’ go-to mastering tools. More interestingly, it’s setting precedence for the role of AI in the studio. How much you listen to its suggestions are obviously up to you, but it’s always tempting to get a ‘second opinion’, even if it is a computer generated one.

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