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Ja Rule says Fyre Festival was a “dope idea”, suggests he wants to work on setting up another festival

The co-founder hasn't ruled out a second shot at hosting a festival

Ja Rule has admitted he wouldn't rule out a second festival in a recent interview.

Appearing on The Wendy Williams Show, the rapper, producer and co-founder of the infamous Fyre Festival - the 2017 event where festival go-ers were left stranded at a non-existent luxury festival on a private island - told the host that providing he worked with the right team, he wouldn't rule out another festival and it would be a "dope idea".

“If it had went off without a hitch, everybody would have said, ‘Oh, look at this great thing that they did," Ja Rule told Williams. "Not, ‘Ja Rule thought of it, came to them with the great idea, and they funded it.’ As soon as it blows up, ‘Look what Ja Rule did.’ How does that work?"

In July this year, a judge ruled that Ja Rule would not be held accountable for promoting the festival. Co-founder Billy McFarland also revealed he wouldn't rule out a second Fyre Festival in correspondence with an editor, who is typing up McFarland's memoirs from prison while he serves a six-year sentence for fraud-related charges.

Watch the full interview from The Wendy Williams Show below.